Should you be a frisky youngster or an ageless senior, you are very welcome to join us on a tour of sightseeing sprinkled with quests. You can feel like a detective: while looking for clues and information you get to see the town and solve the puzzle.

There is no time limit; everyone can progress in a comfortable way, taking the necessary pit-stops to have a refreshing ice-cream on a hot summer afternoon, or a hot chocolate on a pinching evening in autumn.

Our programs vary in length so you can choose the one that suits you best.

To solve the puzzles you need nothing more than sharp sight with attention to detail.

Our slogan: Be wary! Note! Investigate!

The following programmes are available:

Junior detectives: Tracing lost letters

The great inspector Emil was about to uncover the mystery when he vanished. He left nothing but his notes behind. Open the file, read all his notes carefully to find out what case had Emil been working on before disappearing and by luck and effort you might also unveil what happened to him.

Duration ~90 min.

Town tour: In search of the famous

Your mission is to find a famous person. Through your quest you shall learn their life and deeds. By succeeding your tasks you complete the picture, and find the name.

Duration ~120 min.

Registration by phone or e-mail


Town tour

Student*: 1.800 HUF

Adult: 2.200 HUF

Senior**: 1.800 HUF

Children under 8: free


Junior detectives

Student*: 1.800 HUF

Adult: 2.200 HUF

Children under 5: free


* student ticket is available under the age of 18

** senior ticket is available over the age of 60

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